DAC 1904 Football academy

The aim of our academy is to educate professional footballers, who will eventually identify themselves with the spirit and goals of the club. Players can acquire skills they might eventually be able to make a good use of in the A team or the national football team. The academy currently has 300 young players, who play in 14 teams (2 of them are female teams). The excellent training centre provides above-average conditions — thanks to progressive training programmes, state-of-the-art tools and conditions the footballers are offered continuous professional development opportunities.

Mission and vison

Our vision is to become an outstanding football academy, recognised across Europe, and to train emerging talents who can later join the A team or even gain international experience. We strive for growing professional footballers who can identify themselves with the spirit of DAC, our club. We combine their physical strength with a victorious mindset characteristic for the yellow-blue community.


We conduct our professional activities with the club´s main values in mind since our future success is based on hard work, fighting spirit and determination that characterises us. We put emphasis on development and advancement each and every day, whereas we plan our work processes into the smallest details. Based on self-awareness, we aim to reach perfection. We are proud of our success, wearing our club´s shirts fills us with pride, and we are pleased to be who we are.


  • high quality training at one of the most innovative next generation academies
  • primary and secondary school education, continuous performance assessment
  • boarding house
  • quality training equipment
  • medical care, regeneration
  • do sport other than football
  • transport to training
  • attending international football tournaments


The coaches of our academy are guaranteed permanent development opportunities. We consider their training participation as crucial – key factors to their success. Our coaches regularly attend professional lectures, trainings organised by the Slovak Football Association and its affiliated regional associations. Coaches with the necessary pedagogical and psychological skills are also in charge of those player´s mental preparation who they train on a daily basis.


MOL Football Academy is a state-of-the-art, football specific training centre and the home of all DAC 1904 teams. The buildings are situated in the suburban area but the city centre is just a 5-minute drive away. This type of change seems to be ideal for the players since it offers them a shelter to hide from the city noise, and thanks to the silent environment they get the chance to solely focus on their individual performance and development.

The inauguration of the academy took place in November 2018, and it includes the following facilities:

  • 7 natural turf pitches of 105 m x 68 m
  • 3 artificial turf pitches of 105 m x 68 m
  • fitness centre
  • lecture room
  • 3 training pitches
  • training pitch dedicated to goalkeepers
  • main building with office rooms (club management) and meeting rooms (A team)
  • office rooms (academy management) and other facilities (junior teams)